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#00 Your Photos Critiqued – Image Mix

I’ve been teaching photography to camera enthusiasts since 2010. I’ve got two free photo groups, one here in Melbourne and one in Berlin. I’ve organised countless outings and seen the pictures people are creating. I’ve noticed the same sorts of patterns happening in terms of creative or technical challenges. So I decided to look into how I could run photo critiquing.  In Berlin I ran them face to face in cafes – a highly enjoyable way to do it. But that limited the learning to 8 people and the sessions weren’t recorded.  So I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone and start doing the critiquing online instead.

Shellie, Danyel and Andrew participated in my on Manual in Melbourne workshop and have submitted some work they’ve shot since for critiquing.  Very brave souls! But actually I’ve spoken to them all since and all three have been really happy with what came back…I will apologise in advance for the average sound quality on this one Still getting the hang of it. But you get the idea…I hope you find this helpful:

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Please add a comment here for suggestions on improvements.  Stay tuned for announcements for invitations to submit images, and for the new critiquing videos as they are released!


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