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Your Family

I’m Beth and I capture personality and connections in family life.

After I finished my Commercial Art Photography degree from RMIT in Melbourne in 1999, I ran a business in wedding photography. Over time I became uninspired by the repetition and big show element, so I started photographing intimate family groups. The initial inspiration came from periodically capturing the evolution of my sister’s growing family. Children and babies don’t know how to pose, so a documentary approach was required. In 2006 I started travelling and since 2008 I’ve worked with families in 4 continents capturing their unique stories in documentary style.

People often tell me that being photographed is awkward and posey. They also say that they’re not photogenic and they look cheesy in photographs. They say they don’t have photos that capture their real life family connections.

At the photo session, I invite them to imagine I’m just one of the family and that words like ‘photographer’ and ‘camera’ don’t exist. I propose they focus on having a fun family time because that’s when real smiles happen. I wait for their real life connections to appear and only click when I see something genuine.

There’s no formula to capturing the personality of a family because no two families are the same. I work with families to create images that reflect their specific moment in time, current era or a milestone event. From a body of raw images I create a refined collection that ticks the boxes for magic, authenticity and artistic merit.  It’s called Your Family Story.  It’s considered priceless because those natural and fleeting moments that would otherwise be lost are recorded forever.

The One Momento

Life has a funny way of creeping up on us. As time goes by and we think back on the people we cared most about, I believe it’s the laughs, the glances, the gestures that we try to remember. So when I photograph a family, I’m thinking, which are the important moments here that they’ll want to see again and again, 50 years from now? Photography is as enduring as love itself – it lasts forever, long after the moment has passed. Family story photography can form a precious legacy to hand down to the next generation.

I document family stories in lasting images that are so special that ultimately people feel incredibly proud of what’s most important to them: their family.