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Your Camera Your World

Each theme contains around ten lessons, delivered daily in your inbox and is AUD$49 per theme.
Click the ‘Book Now’ icon for the individual photo theme that you want to do.
You can buy all eight in one go for $299 and save $93 (scroll down).

Once you’ve paid the first lesson will be delivered to your inbox immediately, and then one lesson every day after that until that theme is complete.

I hope you love these little babies!!

ArchitectureArchitecture $49

– discover the types of buildings that interest you
– learn 4 different approaches to photographing architecture
– become aware of how light plays on buildings
– architects and how we can photograph their vision
– manage exposures to express what you want to say


PortraitPortrait $49

– the maths behind building a portrait
– work with light to illuminate your subjects
– find your personal style of portraiture
– discover your role for creating successful portraits
– tell a story with environmental and close up portraits


LandscapeLandscape $49

– learn to see the light in landscapes
– learn how to purposefully build your landscape images
– discover nature images inside your landscapes
– compositional tips for killer landscape photos
– create a post-production system for your landscapes


ChildrenChildren $49

– things to look out for with babies, toddlers & school age kiddies
– learn to find the exact moment to … click!
– work with natural light and suitable locations
– express the wonders of childhood through photos
– compositional considerations for children


Live PerformanceLive Performance $49

– types of live performance and discover the one that’s right for you
– find your way in with directors etc
– technicals for successful no-flash-no-tripod live shooting
– how to tell the performance story in 5 images
– the parts that make the whole in live performance


FoodFood $49

– the elements of food photography
– find your particular interest within the food theme
– how to make a food story and shoot close ups
– manage your camera and lighting for food
– the role of research in creating unique food images


StreetStreet $49

– tackle your concerns about street photography
– find your unique angle
– isolate to tell an effective street story
– how to get the most out of the gear you have
– street etiquette


AnimalsAnimals $49

– animals in their habitat, the human context and at home
– bring their character to life in photos
– practical tips and technical considerations
– find inspiration in the work of the best animal photographers
– how to whittle your ideas down to create one awesome capture


Things to note about the set of eight purchase for $299.
The 8 pack of photo themes commence immediately once payment has been received.
The lessons then run through in the above order for about 4 months straight.
The theme order can’t be changed and once commenced, can’t be stopped or delayed.
There is a three day break between themes.
If you want to nominate a start date, then please send me an email:

Payment and cancellation info

Paypal is the secure merchant facility used for processing your payment, so you’ll need a PayPal account (free to set up). If you need to cancel your booking, there is a 20% admin fee on refunds. That’s about it!

WaterFree Sampler

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