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Your Business

I help innovators, entrepreneurs and business owners translate their vision for how they want to be seen into powerful images.

Since 2009 I’ve focussed on a documentary style, capturing important moments for business people in coaching, finance, property, consulting, food, beauty and health. One of my proudest pieces of work so far was photographing Germany’s “Jamie Oliver” – Sarah Wiener – capturing the time she opened her new wood-fired bakery in Berlin.

For business owners photography often slips to the bottom of list because they:

  • Don’t know when is the right time to engage a photographer
  • Aren’t sure how their current photos do or don’t support their brand
  • Dread the idea of being photographed

First, I establish which milestone moment is coming up for my clients or their business. They answer 6 questions I have developed to clarify their brand essence, which informs the choice of subjects, location and clothing. On the day we shoot, the camera isn’t the focus, it’s just the tool we use to capture our conversation about their journey and their big game.

I believe owning a business is a journey. I believe there’s never been a better time to share your journey and your key messages with your clients through beautiful images.

My mission is to help my clients tell their real life brand story in photos that deliver maximum impact and take their target market on their journey with them.

In a world that loves a good story and demands authenticity, now is the perfect time for business leaders to build their brand story by inviting their clients into the heart of their business through great photography.

I capture the real life journey of businesses by holding up a mirror to their magic. My clients leave feeling confident about their brand story, proud of their achievements and excited about where they’re taking their clients into the future.

Some options to consider are: