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Two clever ways to pack a photo punch

Are you a business owner who is currently thinking, I need to get some photos done…gulp…it’s going to be expensive for a just a few head shots, I’ll put that off for a while…?

Then you’re not alone.

Michael Hanrahan helps business authors to self-publish their books.

00 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

In his words, he said he needed a few pictures of himself and his business partner Anna for their website. It was a good time now as he has also just recently published ‘Stand Out’ – a book for business owners considering self-publishing their IP.

I looked up his website to see what was currently there photos-wise.

I could see that he was looking for an update on pre-existing out-dated images.

But I also noticed a picture of each of their pets there, which most people don’t tend to do on their websites.

01 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

Before the photo session Michael and I decided that photographing their portraits at home made sense because they are a home based business.

02 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

Michael talked about their office at one end of the house and then their library.

We decided on clothing and covered off that maybe the pets would be photographed.

03 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

Punch #1

I believe business owners don’t realise what they’re sitting on in terms of the magic they naturally possess.

When I arrived it was clear that whilst their story was confined in essence to two rooms, an office and a library (in physical terms), in emotional terms I could see a wonderful chemistry between Michael and Anna, as well as with their dog Archie and their cat Lik.

And it’s well understood that customers buy on emotion.

04 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

I could see the possibilities of weaving in and out, through and around all these different elements – that in combination would tell their complete brand story.

05 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

We made sure that the expected portraits were covered off, which you can see throughout this sequence.

06 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

But can you also see their bigger picture? This wonderful tale unfolds about Michael’s passion for books, he’s just published his own book and how their pets are very present in their day to day activities.

07 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

So if you’re thinking about having some portraits done, my advice to you is to think about the bigger picture.

08 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

What’s your bigger picture in your business?

09 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

10 Michael Hanrahan Publishing

Punch #2

Now that you have that wonderful story of yours captured, what will you do with your pictures?

Probably they will appear in the usual places – printed collateral, website, LinkedIn, social media.

Have you considered that you can repurpose it all by making a slideshow?

People LOVE video because it’s a sight and sound experience in which they just sit back to be entertained.

Now have a look at this video.

In a short space of time the following ideas can be covered off:

  1. Who you are through your personal brand
  2. What you do, what you’re known for, what you’re up to
  3. How you do it
  4. Explains your big game
  5. Invites your audience to join you
  6. Includes a website to visit to find out more

[youtube_sc url=”” width=”450″ autohide=”1″]

If this video didn’t load, please click here.

So you see, when the time comes to ‘get a few portraits updated’ you might want to take a moment and see the potential bigger picture that’s going on in your business.

Following that, think about building a slideshow with the images along with some text and music to get your key points across.

If you’d like me to help you work out how to pack more photo punch in your business, then let’s have a chat 0450 692 599.


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