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Your Professional Portrait – Matt Fenwick of True North Writing

Matt Fenwick of True North Writing was after a professional portrait to use on Linkedin etc.  A mug shot, shall we say. He also wanted a new image for the contact page of his website. I had a look at his site to get a feel for his style and personality, and we chatted on the phone. To keep the navigational sense of his business name threading through into his portraits, I suggested we find a place in Canberra that would give a bit of landscape context. We opted for an early morning shoot for the great light and misty look with the lake.

We met up, and we established very quickly the look and compositions that would work for the two images. The key to achieving Matt’s professional portraits was to work fast so he didn’t get a chance to freeze up and feel weird…because there is nothing worse than an awkward portrait. The expression has to be real, because that’s the face that potential clients will see before they even meet Matt in person.  We chatted, had a bit of a laugh, tried a few compositions and checked the pictures on the back of the camera as we went along. After about 20 minutes we knew we had what he needed. All that was left to do was sit down over a coffee, dump the files, pick the right ones, add the post production look-and-feel (a cool, blue quality to tone in with his branding), and by 9am we were done and dusted!

Matt said afterwards: ‘The profile shot is exactly what I was hoping for. The light, the mood and the colour come together perfectly.  I had an idea of what I was after, but you helped guide me towards genuinely great photos.’

Wahoo!! Awesome. Love it when a plan comes together. I provided a cropped vertical version of the portrait above as well, as often a vertical head shot is required for various purposes too.

Matt Fenwick runs True North Writing. He finds the insights and values that make his client’s business work, then translates that insight into clear, compelling content.

Thank you Matt!

If you are in need of an update to your professional portrait and want something that gives a great sense of who you are, then please be in touch and let’s see how I can help: 0450 692 599 or email me.


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