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Every pixel counts

01 Copyright Beth Jennings Photography_Sally Arnold

Realising your vision in photographs

Sally Arnold, author of Creating Encores, coaches women leaders in how to reinvent themselves and find new purpose in later life. She was about to send her first book to print.

Sally’s big game – what she stands for – is personal freedom. As personal style and interest is concerned, she loves all things Chanel and French. She’s a classy and creative woman who thinks outside the box and draws inspiration from beautiful things and travel.

Sally approached me needing an author ‘head shot’.

I saw that she was about to launch herself out there with her book (two milestone moments – launching herself and the publishing the book itself). The book represents what she believes, what she stands for and who she is. These elements combined form her brand.

So to photograph her head shot presented the opportunity to dig deeper and find images that she could use that spoke to her brand. By showing these photographs Sally could prove what she was talking about because she was in the photographs embodying everything that she said she was about and could teach others to do.

Setting the scene

02 Copyright Beth Jennings Photography_Sally Arnold

We realized that her home was going to be perfect as the setting. It represents peace and purpose realized. She wore the colours and clothing that she would wear if she were to meet a highly sought after client or if she was to give a keynote speech. From the furnishings to the plants to the light to the ornaments, this place oozes Sally. Sally’s life experience is expressed in this place. At home she is calm, happy, at ease, peaceful and excited.

All that was left to do was to capture her in that moment.

00 Copyright Beth Jennings Photography_Sally Arnold

Every pixel counts

Coat on, coat off. New hair-cut, light make-up. Favourite gold necklace. Sitting down, standing up. Looking at the camera, looking out the window. Compose for the whole room…quick! Grab that – she’s gazing out the window looking totally content, at ease in this moment, genuinely having fun and smiling ear to ear.

This moment represents everything that is truly Sally. In this moment in her life, with the book coming out, and a new website launching, she is launching herself out into the world, she is telling the world here I am, here I come, would you like to join me?

In a heartbeat she’s making her mark and inviting us to join her on her journey.

We like the look of where she’s going, so it’s very tempting to say yes, I’ll go where she’s going, because where she’s going looks like a beautiful, fun and happy place.

Sally, good luck!!

So the question for you is this – what’s your big game? What do you stand for?

Your answer will help define your brand and inform your photography elements.


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