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Your Brand Story

As a business owner you probably know intuitively that brand strength and trust is built on consistency. Every aspect of your collateral speaks volumes about your brand – your website, marketing material, photos, logo etc.

06 Your Brand Story

The 5 biggest photography mistakes that business owners make

As a photographer who captures personality and connection in business life, I’ve noticed that small business owners tend to make the same five mistakes when it comes to communicating their key messages in photos, ultimately resulting in a loss of customer traction.

The key things you need to consider are in this downloadable PDF brochure. It covers:

  • common mistakes business owners make with their photos around quality, usage, social media etc
  • how to source the right photographer
  • essential questions designed to get you thinking about your brand
  • pricing and inclusions if you decide to book with me


What is ‘Your Brand Story’ photography?

All the nuances, subtleties, personalities, products and places within your business are uniquely yours. Combined, they form your brand.

I lead business owners through 3 KEY STAGES to achieving great brand story photos:

BEFORE  We talk about your brand to establish the right elements.
DURING We capture real moments in your business life.
AFTER    Your images are beautifully polished to make your business shine.

Collections and usage

Image collections are provided in high and low resolution with no territory or time limits which means you can use your images in any way, shape or form for as long as you like.

Your images are designed to be used:

  • internally (website, marketing collateral, social media etc)
  • externally (traditional media, bloggers etc)

Your collection volume will be determined by the scope of your business – the more elements you have, the more images you will need.

30 image collection

A solo business owner, one space and minimal products captured in 2 hours.

65 image collection

Up to 5 employees, 1-2 spaces and products captured in 4 hours.

125 image collection

Over 5 employees, several spaces and products captured over 8 hours.

All images are created on location in natural light – assistant and scary-studio-lighting free. I have a easy way of working and collaborating to achieve the genuine result you need.


See the slideshow below for how the personality of businesses in food, wine, children’s education, music and health are captured. Observe the products and services they sell, the passion of the business owners and how the customer experience is integrated into the images.

Want to see how I can help you? Let’s do it!

1. If you haven’t already, enter your details and download the biggest mistakes brochure as it includes pricing and booking information.


2. Let’s discuss what you’re hoping to achieve and how I can help you: