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Where’s Beth?

I live in beautiful Melbourne, Australia. It’s my home. Canberra is my home away from home – my family lives there and so do many of my older clients that known me from the very beginning. I have family clients in far flung places like New York City, Ottawa, Toronto, London, Berlin, Hamburg, Cape Town, Sydney…and other lesser know places. Berlin is my inspirational playground. If the planets align then once a year I go mid-year… that said, I’m focusing on Australia for 2014.

I’m a travel junkie and happily accept travel commissions, anytime, anywhere. So, for example, if you’re in Perth and would like me to come, that’s easy, just flick me a line, let’s look at our schedules and tee it up. Or, if you’re up for something more ambitious (ie, global) – a plane ride is never that big a deal to me.

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