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I’m a bit excited. Wanna know why? Because I’m about to embark on a three-edition, 12 month advertising campaign for my beautiful, lovely, very special product called Your Family Story. In which magazine you ask? The gorgeous, luscious, heartfelt Little ONE Baby. I met the associate editor Amy in Bendigo a couple of months ago […]

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I met the inimitable Robin from The Brand Clinic earlier this year in Melbourne. The Brand Clinic specialise finding solutions in branding, marketing, sales and distribution for their clients in the food and beverage sectors, but primarily in the wine industry. We are both busy establishing our businesses in Melbourne, (she was from Perth) and […]

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[youtube][/youtube] How to explain the collaborative process? Ah…it’s a mysterious thing, arriving at the final destination. You would think, looking at this video, that the written content was complete and as you hear it now, before we shot the images. It didn’t quite roll out that way… Emma has been exploring various themes in her […]

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Haley Richardson - April 19, 2012 - 10:05 pm

Awwwww a beautiful, eloquent tight little story…love where you guys are heading with this…I can see these narrative stories being for anyone who just wants to record a time and space moment in their lives. Love it ! great work you two x

Beth Jennings - April 20, 2012 - 10:00 am

Yeah…thanks Haley it is very well written isn’t it. A great story and it’s come together really well in the presentation. We’re really excited by this one!

Emma - May 12, 2012 - 12:14 pm

It is so wonderful to work with a photographer like Beth, she has such an intricate eye for visual language. Her photos tell stories I could never write on my own and I love how she captures beauty in every frame. There’s always so much love in her work. I think that staying open is the only way to collaborate effectively – you never know exactly what will happen, you just have to be ready to recognise and capture it when it does. Something Beth does very well. Hurry up and come back from Berlin please, I’m ready for more! xx

Beth Jennings - May 18, 2012 - 11:03 pm

Oh you say it so well Emma, staying open is the key to the collaboration indeed. I think we are both very good at that – the flow of ideas goes back and forth until we massage the piece to a point of completion… I do love working with you my dear you are amazing!! See you in Spring time so we can continue the collaborative adventure xx

Have you ever asked.. What’s ISO? How do I make my pictures look clear where I want and fuzzy where I want? How do I make a person look frozen in motion? What’s exposure mean? How do know I’m creating good files for printing? Conquering Your Camera Workshops are a brilliant way to get on […]

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Summer in Melbourne means… watching a sunset at Port Phillip Bay,  a visit to the National Gallery of Victoria,  fantasizing about a setting up a gallery style shop front,  my sister, niece and nephew visiting from Canberra, pylons as far as the eye can see at Station Pier in Port Melbourne, catching sight of Little […]

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