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Your family story is precious, so I’ll only showcase your images in high quality products from suppliers that are focused on excellent customer service. They’re all over Australia and New Zealand. In some cases they only work with professional photographers due to the technical knowledge that’s required.

Here’s what’s currently on offer below. If something’s missing that you’d like, just ask.

The One Momento

Small moments that happen often that you want to keep forever work best for The One Momento. In thirty minutes I can capture a single concept such as the time it takes to feed and change a newborn baby.

The fifteen best images are showcased together in a video. So The One Momento becomes a video that you can play and share to your heart’s content.

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The One Momento

Mantle Story Book

Your 2 hours plus photo session showcases beautifully in a signature story book.  The cover and inclusions are entirely customised to your taste, the leather bound embossed option is pictured with protective case. Personalised text accompanies the images to remind you of all those things they used to say.

Coffee Table Story Book

More casual but no less precious is the coffee table story book. This book presents your 60+ images in custom design, sans-text, in lush, page by page magnificance with a photo cover option.

Classic Wall Art

The right image, the right feeling, and the right chosen moment. Wall art of your family can breathe life and soul into your favourite room. Professionally printed with superior colour management, your classic wall prints can be made in many sizes beginning at 12×18″ (about A3). I can work with you to find the right framer that focuses on preservation and the presentation that is right for you. (I’m also happy to pop in and sign the matts before the artworks go behind glass forever.)


My canvases are made with gorgeous 440gsm archival canvas. They have a lush, textural feel that the inks of your photograph sink into with fine definition and without cracking at the frame edges. The finish is coated several times with archival protectant for long term preservation. You can have your canvases box float framed or leave them unframed depending on your taste.

Boxed Gift Sets

Ten, 8×12″ (about A4) individual classic prints are printed and mounted in acid-free bevel-cut matts. The matts are signed and the whole set comes in a protective box. You can keep them as a set and frame them as you like, or you can line up Christmas or birthdays for the next twelve months.

Digital Files

In my experience the people that primarily gravitate towards this option never receive the full value that their collection can offer. Why? Because the images lose their visceral impact when viewed on-screen.  Think of a painting you love viewed on a website. Now compare that to your experience of viewing it in person.  Big difference, right?  It’s the same with photography. Photography presented in physical form is a living, breathing thing.  This photography is special – don’t lose it to your hard drive. So whilst DVD is available to meet with the expectations of the modern market, I do recommend that you compliment this purchase with something like a beautiful canvas that breathes life into your favourite room, that will take you back in time, every single day.

Moving Images

Your family story can be brought to life using audio and music. To find out more, click here.