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I’ve worked with so many amazing people to document lasting images of their family’s stories. Here are some of their delicious comments and praise:

Cathy, Chris and Lauren from Canada

…during their one year posting to Canberra, Australia… They chose Mount Ainslie, overlooking the city one late afternoon, to capture their experience of the bush capital. This is a special place in Canberra, where the bush meets the city.

posted by Cathy on Facebook before she had seen the images,
hours after her family photo session at Mount Ainslie.

Cathy and Chris’ complete family story is here.

Cathy’s thoughts

“If it weren’t for a chance visit into my new neighbors’ house, I might never have considered getting family photos taken. There was a large framed photo of her now 7 yr old daughter when she was 4 yrs old – and it was beautiful. My neighbor, Michelle, suggested that I may want to capture Lauren, my 3.5 yr old, while she still had that gorgeous ‘babyness’ about her.

So, I started researching a few photographers in Canberra.  I wasn’t seeing any images that I wanted to see my family in so figured I’d leave the search for a while.  Then a serendipitous occurrence; friends of ours back in Canada had met a fabulous photographer and had the most lovely and unique family photos taken…and that photographer just happened to be from Canberra, where we were now living for one year.  I viewed the photos and immediately thought, “That’s what I want.” I met with Beth and got a good vibe.  She just sat back, let me talk and attempted to absorb my poorly articulated expectation of what I wanted for photos.

I quickly realized that for Beth the ‘experience’ was key and I must say that she has successfully focused herself on achieving exactly that for those she works with.

Our session was super.  Relaxed, yet still special.  My husband has been extremely busy since we moved here and our focused family time together that afternoon in the Australian bush seemed to have a heightened feeling about it.  Beth was taking our pictures and guiding us here and there but the family time seemed separate from her and I think she captured the private and magic moments of a special family outing that afternoon.

When I viewed the photos, I was a teary mess.  The images were so lovely, so unique and truly brought the special feeling of that afternoon back.  It was stunning for me to see us as a family in this way.  We previously only had 4 or 5 snapshots together as a family.  You know how those in your family look when they look at you, and one another, so to see images of Chris and Lauren in the photos was lovely but not unusual. What I particularly loved in Beth’s pictures is the way I could see how I appeared when I looked at my family.  Those images captured the way I feel about my family.  What a gift.

There is something fantastic about seeing a professional photo of yourself and your family. The quality, the vision and the impact of the images is incredible and for me, completely justifies the monetary cost.  We have captured a very unique time in my family’s life – not just capturing Lauren and her gorgeous 3.5 yr old cheeks but also our time together in beautiful Australia.”


Some more …

‘Beth, we were thrilled with your endeavours, your work is magic and you have captured our family so well.  We can’t thank you enough.  Such a lovely record for d’Arcy’s 70th.  Thank you so much.’ d’Arcy and Janette, Canberra, 2013

‘Beth, you’re a true magician. The collection you put together for Mum and Dad is just magic. You have a very special talent. Keep up the great work.’ Hugh (d’Arcy and Janette’s son), Canberra, 2103

‘Our family Happy Day book is my favourite book. It gives us pleasure now and I know it will be more precious as the grand-children grow up. You captured a magical afternoon.’ Libby, Canberra, 2012

‘The images turned out great! Paranoia abolished. I enjoyed the experience. Being photographed is something new for me and I like the way you think during the whole process. There’s a lot of thought behind it. Xx’ Elmi, Berlin, 2012

‘The book is a real treasure, MANY THANKS ONCE AGAIN. We can’t wait to see Oliver and Phoebe’s artworks framed now.’ Mia, Terry, Oliver and Phoebe, Canberra 2011

‘We are totally in love with your beautiful, beautiful work. You are one very special artist. Thanks from the bottom of our hearts.’ Fiona and Brent, Berlin 2011

‘Thank you for your beautiful work and craft. The collection is absolutely stunning and we both found it very moving.’ Vanessa and Udo, Berlin 2011

‘My favourite photo in our collection is of my son, it seems so perfect. It really makes me smile every time, inside and out.’ Christophe and Mel, Canberra 2010

‘Our collection is beautiful and we loved working with you.’  Teena and Stephen, Sydney 2011

‘Thank you for the gorgeous photographs. We adore them and think they are just perfect!’ Carla and Duncan, Coffs Harbour 2010

‘The collection has opened my mum’s eyes to a new paradigm of photography. She’s loved all of them – particularly the interactive photos with emotion as opposed the more traditional style of photo.’ The Kennedy clan, Canberra 2011

‘The photos are perfect – they are everything we dreamed of. There is so much attention to detail in all that you do.’ Matt and Amy, Sydney 2011

‘We enjoyed sharing our formula of family + food + fun, and appreciated how you were both there and not there. We love the result, thank you.’ Mark and Lynelle, Canberra 2011

‘The images really captured the moment and remind us of the feelings we have for each other. You are AMAZING!!!’ Candice and Minh, Canberra 2010

‘May we always be as blessed as we were on this day. Let these memories remind us to be aware, to listen and to live each moment to the fullest.’ Rebecca and Steve, Canberra 2010

‘Thank you so much for our great photos! We will cherish them forever!’ Rachel, Peter, Liv and Max, Canberra 2010

‘The pictures leave me without words. They are amazing.’ Sirkka and Tobias, Hamburg 2009

‘We are thrilled with the book and prints—they are outstanding.’ Doug and Nicole Washington DC 2001, 2009

‘We appreciate your expertise in creating beautiful images of our family, and hope to call you again as our family grows.’ Brendon and Lorreta Brisbane 2009

‘Thank you for taking such lovely images. We truly enjoyed all of them.’ Mia and Carter, New York City 2009

‘We have not stopped thinking about the photos. You have certainly captured special moments in your images.’ Alex and Laura Cape Town 2009

‘The prints arrived last night safe and sound. I’m so happy! Please let us know if you’re ever in Toronto again.’ Kathy and Mark Toronto 2009

‘Though we just met her, Beth was in no way an intruder. She perfectly captured our great moments as a family.’ Familie Callaerts-Van der Spiegel, Toronto 2009

‘When I viewed the photos, I was a teary mess. The images were so lovely, so unique. What a gift.’ Cathy and Chris, Canberra 2010

‘I highly recommend Beth to anyone who wants fond memories of their life.’ Siu-Ming and Annie Canberra 2010

‘Your photographs bring memories back to life in the most stunning way.’  Tina, Adam, Ella, Ruby and Chilli the dog, Canberra 2001, 2009, 2010

‘Your pictures are priceless to us.’ Karina and Dave, Canberra 1998, 2001, 2009

‘The Family Story project has been an incredible journey for us. Beth has truly captured exactly who we are, and she managed to do that right from the beginning, when she hardly knew us.’ Trish and Piers, Canberra 2001, 2006, 2008