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Manual Camera Workshops

All workshops are held upstairs at:
Cafe Seven:AM, Port Melbourne
10am-12 noon

Saturday 13 December 2014
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Book NowSaturday 17 January 2015 $74
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About the workshops

Have you bought a new digital SLR camera, become overwhelmed by all the buttons, switched to auto, then felt frustrated when your pictures weren’t working? You wouldn’t buy a manual car and then try to drive it in auto, so why do that with your manual dSLR camera?

  • Learner confidence goes in leaps and bounds so long as the foundation is built correctly.
  • I believe you should be in control of your camera, not the other way around.
  • Be prepared to bunny hop and stall for a while – that’s OK, practice makes perfect.

On Manual in Melbourne is a hands-on, 2 hours, 8 people maximum workshop designed to get you across the photography fundamentals and orientated with your dSLR camera in manual mode.

What’s covered?

  • The content from the on Manual Camera Guide is covered (free when you book your workshop spot).
  • We begin with understanding ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
  • How to control them on your camera, and how they work together.
  • We learn to meter for correct exposure.
  • We learn how to monitor exposures using your camera’s histogram.
  • Discovering your ‘Shoot Flow’ – a step by step method for getting your camera ready to take pictures in full manual mode.

port melbourne cafe seven am workshop venue
Who’s it for? If you …

  • have a digital SLR camera that has full manual mode
  • are currently using semi or full auto modes
  • would like to get your head around manual shooting

Workshops are run face to face in Melbourne.

No prior photography knowledge is assumed and it’s geared at beginner photographers.

What to bring?

  • Your DSLR camera with fully charged battery
  • Empty memory card
  • Your camera’s manual in your back pocket (just in case we need it)
  • Your questions and passion for photography
  • Notepad and pen can be handy as we cover a lot of info
  • A printout of the on Manual in Melbourne Camera Guide (included in your workshop price).

cafe digital slr manual camera workshop panel
Who is Beth exactly?

  • I hold a BA (Commercial Art) Photography degree from RMIT.
  • I’m a practising professional photographer with 14 years experience.
  • I’m an award winning member of the AIPP and have exhibited internationally.
  • I’ve been teaching this workshop since 2010.
  • I create a safe and supportive learning environment.
  • My teaching style is natural, intuitive and conversational.
  • The focus is on creating beautiful pictures – it’s not about the gear, man!

portraits of Beth Jennings Photographer

‘Had a great time and helped connect the dots….. :-)’ Shelley

‘The workshop was excellent! Great location, beautiful weather and Beth’s tips were very easy to understand and work a treat! I got some amazing shots, and now can use manual settings intentionally, rather than hit and miss. Thanks Beth!’ Andrew

‘Great workshop! I got answers to all my questions. Thanks Beth for sharing your knowledge!’ Chirantha

‘Thank you for the lesson. It was very worthwhile and, indeed, I had some good ‘aha’ moments! From now I will be shooting ‘M’ as much as possible (and doing this with better understanding)!’ Johan.

‘Thanks Beth.  I had a few of the basics but it was great to bring them all together. I think practice will be the key.’ Ange

‘I did this workshop with you a while ago Beth after struggling with reading/practicing the concepts associated with Manual Mode. Your personal style and methods of getting these fundamental concepts through to beginners broke through the fog that accumulated in my brain and enabled me to go on to become a fully fledged Manual Moder!! Would recommend this to anyone and thank you!‘ Shiraz

What happens after the workshop

The workshop is comprehensive and hands-on. The time for practice comes afterwards.

  1. Refer to the manual camera guide and do the exercises at the back.
  2. Come along to the next meet ups with The Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group so you can meet like-minded photo enthusiasts and practice.
  3. Practice your shoot flow whilst sparking creativity in my online creative camera course Your Camera, Your World. 

What’s it cost? What’s included?

$74 per person – groups are limited to 8 so to be fair to all this fee is non-refundable, non-transferrable and payable at signup.
Book your spot and get your on Manual Camera Guide included for free in your workshop price.

All workshops are held upstairs at:
Cafe Seven:AM, Port Melbourne
10am-12 noon

Saturday 13 December
Sold out

Book NowSaturday 17 January 2015 $74
8 places available