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The Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group – Werribee Mansion

Well I had a thoroughly enjoyable day out yesterday. It was a spectacular afternoon  to enjoy the history of Werribee Mansion. 40 or so photo wanderers turned up to enjoy the grounds, an inside tour and of course coffee and cake at the end. Well worth the trip from Melbourne.  I love these outings they are just so fun and everyone is at all tech levels so it’s really cruisy and no-one cares what knowledge people have.  I get so absorbed in historical places so I ended up wandering around on my own. But then we had a great chat at the end and everyone had some awesome suggestions to take us through the winter (gulp).

The gardens and plantings are stunning here.

One of the glasshouses.

The place must be amazing in full Autumn.

See the bird on the fence…?

There’s a vineyard next door.

And this amazing rose garden.

I love those big trees and winding paths.
It all feels very English.

Inside is stunning.
Brothers Thomas and Andrew Chirnside came here around 1840.
They built a pastoral empire with a ‘Do or Die’ attitude.
The home was sold to the Roman Catholic Bishops of Australia.
For the next 50 years it was a seminary until it was sold to the state government in 1973.

The coffee and chatter was calling me.

A few of us went for a final explore before closing.
This river was full of birds!

We go out about every two weeks for free outings and occasionally I host a 2 hour paid camera workshop. Come join us for free over here at The Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group. It makes for a lovely way to spend a half day exploring interesting places around Melbourne and for finding new friends too.


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