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on Manual in Melbourne: Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne

Yay! on Manual in Melbourne was a great success – the right number of people, the right length of time, the right amount of tecchie content with lots of practical hands-on advice. I love discovering new places through my lens and it’s pretty cool to share the love and help other people get a better grip on their cameras. More of these will be scheduled throughout the year. I’ll post the ads here and you can sign up to them over on my group, The Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group.

I decided on the Royal Botanic Gardens for this one.
Each one will be in a different place to add variety.

We started off with ISO, aperture and shutter speed.
Everyone has different understandings of what these things are and how they work together.

A bit of practice.

Then we delved into the wonderful world of achieving correct exposure, every time you shoot.

A little wander up the hill to Shrine of Rememberance.
The typical travel situation where you have bright sky and a person to photograph.
This can wreak havoc with exposure but the group learned how to monitor the histogram.

There’s a lot of in-between shooting time.
I always say learning to use a camera is like learning to drive a manual car.
You will bunny hop and stall, but with patience and practice you will get there

Andrew (wearing the hat) said:

The workshop was excellent! Great location, beautiful weather and Beth’s tips were very easy to understand and work a treat! I got some amazing shots, and now can use manual settings intentionally, rather than hit and miss. Thanks Beth!

Brilliant news Andrew, brilliant!

on Manual in Melbourne will be run through The Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group, so join us over there (free) and then you’ll receive the event announcements in your inbox.


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