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on Manual in Melbourne: Williamstown

Yesterday I hosted a two hour camera workshop for a small group from The Melbourne Walk & Shoot Group for two hours in Williamstown. We crammed in ISO, shutter speed and aperture. Then we looked at what achieving correct exposure means followed by using the camera’s histogram to get consistent results.  All very tecchie but you really just need to do that part first, before you can get on with taking the pictures you want.

Here are some pictures from the workshop:

We happened across a random church that took our fancy.

Hans the caretaker (left) appeared.
At first I though, oh know, we’re busted!
But actually he was offering to open up the church for us.

He disappeared and came back with his film camera.

We tested arresting movement with shutter speed.

And then we looked at the histogram to see what correct exposure looks like.
We started with overexposing by 3 stops.

Then an image taken at correct exposure.

And then underexposure by 3 stops. Yucko!

We had great light and the church was a beautiful subject.

Shooting from the hip requires a bit of practice!

We went inside and made technical adjusments to cater for the loss of light.
Look! No flashes or tripods in action here!

And the bit we secretly love and look forward to…the pub! He he…
See you at the next one.

At The Melbourne Walk and Shoot Group I hold free outings regularly, every 2-3 weeks, usually on weekends. Then occasionally and by demand I throw in a two hour ‘on Manual in Melbourne’ outing.  These are paid ($59), two hours, 8 people maximum and is perfect for you if you have a digital SLR aka a fancy camera and want to start getting some decent pictures out of it. You get a pdf summary of the content we covered to recap later.

A couple of happy comments:

‘Awesome event !!! Thanks a lot Beth for the detailed yet easy and simple explanation of concepts and guidance on achieving better exposure all the time:)… would definitely like to do more of this.’ Pavel

‘Information clearly presented by Beth (and the small group format allowed it to be presented again if you were a bit brain-dead like myself). A very pleasant learning experience.’ Jo

Cool beans, now everyone, keep going!! (But no, Jo, you are certainly not brain dead!).


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