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Finding Melbourne

So to Melbourne…I’ve been here two weeks and I’ve already moved twice, completed work on two very special events I shot in Canberra, worked on a piece with an actor, and taken myself through a rather large learning curve to discover the wonders and magic of Fusion. (More soon on this coolness as the results aren’t quite ready for publication.)  But it’s very exciting!!! In the meantime, Melbourne has welcomed me with open arms.

My first stop at an old friend’s place out of Melbourne in a little town called Newham.

Off to my first abode on the western side of town in a little area called Yarraville.
Spring has sprung it’s gorgeous here!!!

The city is gorgeous too now.

and I’m so going to this soon….

It takes time to get settled, find my way, find people and work out how I fit. Yesterday I took two hours driving home so I could check out a bunch of neighbourhoods I have my eye on. Well, you know, gotta plan these things, even if they just start with dreams.


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