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Step 2

We’ll grab a coffee/Skype/talk on the phone to discuss your family and how we might present your family story collection with beautiful products. Bookings are generally settled at this time. You’ll be choosing between documenting your family life for one hour tops, or for two hours plus. Your collection is showcased in formats to suit your taste which include Story Books, DVD, Artworks and Boxed Gift Sets or a combination.

1 Hour Tops
– session is capped at one hour
– creates your collection of 30 images
– all-inclusive package starts from $1850

A one hour photo session is like A Long Way from France. With an impending trip home to France, maternity leave and a baby with a fairly predictable hourly cycle, Julien and Camille chose the one hour session.


2 Hours Plus
– generally 2-3 hours (it comes to a natural conclusion)
– creates well over 60 images in your collection
– all-inclusive commissions start from $3750

Have a look at Our Favourite Places.  Teena, Stephen and Noah were captured at their family home, at Centennial Park, and at Parsely Bay (in Sydney). Still a family of three, but with multiple places they needed the longer time frame.


Another example is The Kennedy Clan. An extended family photo session encompassing grandparents, parents and grandchildren at a reunion picnic. We needed the longer session time to comprehensively cover all the gorgeous personalities and connections.

I can answer your questions via email or on +61 (0) 450 692 599.