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About your photo session

What is the difference between Beth’s family photography and a family portrait?

A traditional family portrait is usually set up, looks a bit awkward and is produced on-masse. These types of portraits can pale quickly, often because they aren’t natural. Beth Jennings Photography is about documenting your special family moments and connections in lasting images that will truly amaze you and become a legacy for your family to be proud of.

How do you get that distinctive ‘look’ in your images?

Many decisions are made that add feeling to the photographs and result in that distinctive BJP style—in-camera, in editing, during post-production and the final story telling presentation.  From start to finish, I have you in mind, so that the final result will be an artful reflection of your special family in terms of your style, energy, personality and connections.

What is the difference between having you for one hour maximum, and the two hours plus package?

If you love BJP imagery and you want to devour ‘whole cake’, then a 2 hours + session is perfect. It allows time for all the unique elements of your family to present themselves and you end up with a 60+ stunning image collection. If you’d prefer a slice of the BJP cake, (great for budget or time constraints) then your 1 hour tops session is the best option and we max out at a collection of 30 images.

How will you photograph my family?

Every photo session is different since every family is different. The key is in going with the flow, nothing is forced or fake. I inspire interaction between your family members and capture the special connections.

What will I experience at the photography session?

Initially we’ll hang out, have a chat and a cuppa before any pictures are taken.  When the vibe is right, I’ll start to capture your family in the moment. It’s the best way to create natural images. Once the camera is put away, I’m often told ‘that was really fun!’.

Where will my family be captured?

I’ll help you to discover the best place to capture your family.  The place that you choose will be a backdrop to the memories that you want to preserve in photographs. I suggest choosing a place that inspires, relaxes and represents meaning to you and your family.

When is the best time for our session?

It depends on your family – if you have young children, morning is often best, when the little ones have more energy. Late afternoon or early evening can be a good choice because the light is softer and beautiful. We’ll work out what’s suitable for you.

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you feel comfortable, in clothes that represent who you are. I recommend avoiding white, stripes and logos since they compete with your face for the viewer’s attention. Colour is dynamic. Select colours that harmonise, like blues and yellows, or greens and reds to create visual balance.  Bring items of personal significance such as toys, your favourite hat, jewellery, sports gear. There is no need to be conservative, unless you want to be.

What happens next

What do I need to know about selecting my favourites?

After your photo session, then we’ll get together and I’ll present your collection to you. I’ll help you find the right images for the right purpose depending on the package you’ve booked and any extras you decide on once you see your collection.

What’s the reasoning behind creating products? Why can’t I just take the DVD?

To view images on-screen you use one sense – your sight. The true impact of art happens when you use more than one of the human senses.  Think of a painting you love – you’ve seen it online but nothing compares to its impact when you see it in an art gallery.  If you add audio or music to digitised images, their impact is increased because you have introduced sound. (Details are on the Moving Images page.).  I want you to have the maximum experience of your family story, so I regard the DVD as a back-up option and not the primary focus of what I’m creating for you.

What does it cost?

Seeing Your Family Story collection for the first time can be an emotional experience.  It’s also a busy meeting when we decide on your product choices. To help prepare you, we’ll have a pre-planning meeting to familiarise you with the package options and their respective product inclusions. The One Hour Tops all-inclusive package starts from $1850. The Two Hours Plus all-inclusive packages start from $3750.

Travel, social media, terms and conditions, other bib and bobs

I don’t live in Melbourne, can you come to my city?

Interstate travel is totally possible for Your Family Story. To begin, flick me an email or give me a buzz and we’ll discuss what you have in mind. Let’s do it!

I’d love to show my friends and family the images on social media platforms, is this available?

Yes, you will receive a copy of your image collection watermarked, at low resolution to share online.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We both sign a form outlining the terms and conditions that basically covers off ‘what if’ scenarios. This is standard professional practice for professional photography studios.

Will you use my photos to promote your business?

The agreement we both sign includes a copyright clause that states I can use images on the BJP website as well as in exhibitions and other promotional material, competitions, etc. As a courtesy, of course I’ll always let you know in advance when I’ll be using your images. If you prefer to stay offline, please just let me know and I’ll respect your privacy.

Like to know more?

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