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Your Camera, Your World – creative camera course

Wahoooooooo!! Today is the day photo lovers that is loooooong overdue! Why do I say that? I’ve been teaching digital Single Lens Reflex camera workshops for three years now, and I always had this niggling feeling that the next step was on the cards…you’ve become orientated on your dSLR camera, you’re exploring manual mode, you think you can, you think you can…and then you get distracted and start forgetting what you learned.

The need was there to develop a creative camera course for photo lovers using their dSLR cameras in manual mode.  An easy and enjoyable, four module course that spreads across the year.  Each module runs for five weeks, covering five popular photo themes. You get inspirational and technical guidance from me during the week, you shoot at weekends and get to see what everyone in your group is shooting in a feedback video. The cool thing is, you can take one module, or several as you like, with plenty of practice time in between. And the best part is, essentially all you need is your dSLR camera and an internet connection.

July Joy is now open for bookings with the early bird price closing on 8 July. More information about the course and bookings can be found here:

Your Camera, Your World

I’m looking forward to starting very soon!!!


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