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Creative Camera Course

Gain confidence with your manual dSLR camera and
create pictures to be proud of, in this online, creative camera course.

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Your Camera Your World

‘We seldom take great pictures. You have to milk the cow a lot
and get lots of milk to make a little piece of cheese.’
― Henri Cartier-Bresson

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Here’s a cool little secret

Photography is the tool you can use to capture what your eye sees and your heart feels. Photography is thrilling, rewarding and a teensy-weansy bit addictive.

Common assumptions that amateur photographers make

- they have a fancy camera so they expect to be able to make pictures like a professional
– they use their camera on auto/semi-auto settings expecting great results
– they don’t realise that photography is a left and right brained activity
– they think post production is cheating
– they expect great creative results from the very beginning
– they do a manual camera workshop and forget what they learned
– they think practice is unnecessary

creative camera course online
Have you made the leap to digital SLR photography?

Felt excited and a hint of trepidation that your world of picture-taking was about to change forever when you pulled your camera out of its box for the first time? Despite best intentions, many photo lovers experience disappointment and frustration that their pictures are just-not-happening.  They know their way around their manual camera settings, but are lacking creative direction, discipline and practice.

This online short course allows you to:

  • tap into your creativity
  • be part of a community of beginner photographers

How does it work?

  • ‘Your Camera, Your World’ is an online, creative camera course conducted in English.
  • There are eight different popular photo themes to choose from.
  • Each theme contains around ten lessons.
  • You receive a daily lesson in your inbox.
  • You gain access to a resource centre for image file management/post production/how-to’s etc.
  • You also get access to our online private Facebook group, a safe sharing space.

Note #1 Participation and contribution is ultimately up to you. I recommend you allow some time each day to read, research and get inspired, and a perhaps few hours on the weekends for shooting, selecting and summarising.

Note #2 The online course has been structured to fit with busy 9-5 schedules, and the internet aspect means you can dip in and out when it suits you, day or night, no matter your time zone.

Note #3 Amateur photographers commonly say oh-my-photos-aren’t-good-enough. The less you care and the more you share the better. This is a safe space for learning and making mistakes. You’ll find other people learn from seeing your’s, just as you do their’s in our private Facebook group.

Note #4 I only teach what I know and do well. This means that the focus here is on hand held, natural & available light photography, shooting in manual mode only. Occasionally the need for a tripod will arise, and you’ll know when that’s required.

Note #5 Sound file management and post production come part and parcle with digital photography. All of my file management and post production centres on the use of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (my preferred program for seven years – so I will not be featuring other systems). You don’t have to buy this program to undertake Your Camera, Your World. I’ll just give you the information so you can make an informed decision in due course.

Note #6 Objections to buying software? Think of it like this: in film days, you probably accepted the associated costs of film, processing and product like photo albums for the complete photography experience. Now, you are busy creating all the files, but a) you can’t find your pictures easily b) you do very little to make the pictures really sing c) you’re not presenting your favourites the way you used to with photo albums Adobe Photoshop Lightroom will singularly allow you to do all three, in an ongoing way for years.

If you don’t already have Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and you are thinking about buying, take it slow. I recommend you get started in Your Camera, Your World first, watch the Lightroom how-to’s (in the resource centre called The Camera Bag), and gain a feel for how the software works in a digital photography landscape.

I am not endorsed by Adobe to promote their product, I just genuinely love it. So much so that I’ve written a book about how you can integrate it into your photography workflow – to be published in 2014.


For more on the book click here.

What you’ll need

  • your dSLR camera body (always set to ‘M’ for Manual mode)
  • at least one lens
  • an internet connection
  • an active email account
  • a blank notebook with lots of space and pages
  • a computer with capacity to view & edit your photos consideration to buying post production software (not mandatory! see Notes #5 and #6 above)

What’s expected of you

You? Yes, you!

1. Do you have basic manual digital SLR camera knowledge around ISO, aperture and shutter speed metering & monitoring for correct exposure? Best case scenario is if you’ve completed a basic manual SLR camera workshop like the one I run (on Manual) or equivalent. If you know what I mean by terms like ‘depth of field’ and ‘stops’ then you’re in the right place.

2. Before beginning Your Camera, Your World, you need to read through my ‘on Manual Camera Guide‘ (free to download) and complete the exercises at the end.

3. Keep up with the content as it’s released (daily).

4. You can submit questions and one lesson in each theme is dedicated to answering them.

5. Understand that practice and patience are integral to improving your photography – it takes time and perserverance to capture what lives in your mind’s eye.

29 Copyright Beth Jennings Photography_Street Photography-9980
Your teacher

  • Your Camera, Your World is devised and conducted by me, Beth Jennings
  • I hold a BA (Commercial Art) Photography degree from RMIT University
  • I have been a practising photographer for 14 years.
  • I began my career as a wedding photographer, learning on my feet for four years.
  • I subsequently devoted a decade to travelling which is when I developed my skills in the specific areas of photography covered in this course.
  • I have three years experience teaching dSLR manual camera workshops.
  • I have two amateur photo groups in Melbourne and Berlin with 2000 members and growing. In our photo events I’ve seen the same issues come up again and again. It was just a matter of time before I would develop a course that was suitable to their needs. .

your camera your world photography instructor teacher

What they say

shelley water ‘I feel like I’ve already learnt so much over the last few weeks…. Loving the course, you’ve done a great job!!!’ Shelley


Jocelin cupcake‘I am really enjoying this journey and finally absorbing myself in something I have wanted to do for many, many years. I have loved this course and learnt a lot. Food is going to be lots of fun!’ Jocelin


Andrew 08 ‘I am quite shy when it comes to photographing people, but this week’s info is inspiring me and giving me some courage!! I am really looking forward to shooting some portraits!!’ Andrew


Malcolm Beths Pick 1‘I feel as though I have achieved what I aimed to do with the course i.e. take me well and truly out of my comfort zone and take on the challenges of taking photos of people! Your lessons were spot-on in terms of anticipating things to look out for: the good (the wonderful beauty of children) and the not-so-good (short attention spans, distractions, iPads, Playstations etc). I learnt so much out of this theme, more than just about photography if I’m honest. About people, about children, and about family. I also have learnt a whole new level of respect for the skill required to get great images of children like you do!’ Mal

leah children‘Thanks for giving us confidence in this course. I wouldn’t have been courageous enough to do this if it were not for this assignment and your words of encouragement.’ Leah


WaterFree Sampler

To receive a shortened version of the 8 photo theme lesson plans for free, focusing on how to photograph Water, then enter your details below.



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