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Your Camera

The camera road map with contents
Do you own a dSLR camera and don’t know where to start? Did you buy it with high expectations that now you have the fancy camera, you should just be able to make awesome pictures straight away?

Have you hit a wall technically, creatively, or at home on the computer and wondering, where to next?

I believe:

  • If you invest in your camera, then you need to invest in your education to get the most out of it.
  • Lay your foundation first, and it will set you up for a lifetime of digital photography enjoyment.
  • It takes 1 year for a beginner to get across the basic components of digital photography.

Let’s begin at the beginning…you’ve opened your camera out of the box, it has that gorgeous new-camera smell, now what?

The Camera Road Map covers the fundamentals on camera, creativity and computer to help you confidently navigate your photo adventures so you’ll never miss the moments that matter to you.

Camera GuideCamera Guide – manual mode ($19)
You have your new toy and now you’re wondering which buttons do what. The camera’s manual looks dry and too technical. You’ve switched to auto settings and might be disappointed with your results. You wouldn’t try to drive a manual car in auto, it’s the same with dSLR cameras. My camera guide introduces photography fundamentals in logical order, just focusing on what you need to get started. Get your copy here..

WorkshopWorkshop – camera ($74 with camera guide included)
Have you read the manual camera guide, and now thinking, there’s more to this than I first thought? I teach a hands-on 2 hour dSLR camera workshop that shows you the buttons you need in manual mode on your camera and how to work them together with the aim of creating technically beautiful pictures and building your dSLR confidence. Book your spot here.

Your Camera, Your WorldCourse – creativity ($49 per theme)
Maybe you’d like to learn how to creatively explore photo topics that interest you with some guidance and direction.  Your Camera Your World is an online creative camera course offering 8 different photo themes to choose from.  The themes are designed to spark your creativity and allow you to practice your shoot-flow. You don’t have to do the workshop to do this course. Join here.

Memories at your fingertips book cover final find out moreBook – computer (coming soon!)
At home do you have trouble finding your favourites, don’t know how to make your photos shine, nor how to present them well? My upcoming book ‘Memories at your fingertips – organise your digital photos like a pro’, shows you how to do all this. More here.



Photography in BerlinPhoto Outings (free)
I lead two amateur photography groups with almost 3000 members combined. Photo outings allow you to practice what you’ve learned from my guide, workshop and course and to meet like-minded folk.

I’m on a mission – want to know what it is?

If you’re in the driver’s seat with your camera, then photography, is like, the best thing ever! My goal is to see the Road Map automatically accompany the purchase of every new entry level dSLR camera.

Every so often I put up my own ‘How to Tips & Tricks’ posts that you can read through for ideas.

Why I teach photography

Imagine the moment when, for example, your little girl takes her first steps, looking up at you and proudly grinning from ear to ear. It’s a moment like that, that you never want to forget. My purpose through teaching is to enrich people’s lives with photography.

I’m looking forward to teaching you how to keep your beautiful moments, alive, forever.

Here’s wishing you a happy life, full of happy snaps.