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winner [Canberra photography exhibition prize]

And the winner is…

David Paterson!! Out of 180 names entered in the Bottling Memories competition, David Paterson’s entry was pulled out as the winner of the how many sunsets taken in Greece. Framing was sponsored by The Framing Store. I actually have known David since I was 18 years old, when he pipped me in a local photographic competition.  Naturally I was devastated that my daffodil picture didn’t win:)and I thought now who is this David Paterson??!  So many years later and he has contributed enormously to the photographic industry Australia wide through his work with the AIPP. He also helped me a lot on my last exhibition leaving traces so it’s some kind of freaky karma thing that he’s won this.

Thank you

The feedback has been awesome and hugely appreciated.  I installed myself regularly throughout the Fireside Festival and chatted to most people that would let me…I hate doing full on approach/marketing type things, so I went in with the spirit of chatting not selling and everyone was receptive to that.  Even my old photography teacher from my last 2 years of school came along!  I think it made a real difference that I explained the story behind each picture.  In the past I’ve been a bit frustrated that I’ve been to these places and had all sorts of experiences, and to not have people see what I saw, in my pictures.  D’uh! Lightbulb moment! Explaining the stories really helped and interestingly a mostly Aussie audience picked European places images as the top three…I thought they would go more for the people images.  And, I loved that one person commented on how many countries do we have in the world where we as the people can walk on top of the politicians?


Last night a show was screened on the plane crash that killed 70 of Poland’s leaders in April this year.  The double sadness of it was they were on their way to Katyn.  Katyn is in Russia where 22,000 of Poland’s leading lights and soldiers where executed with a bullet to the back of the head each and buried in mass graves during WW2.  Sorry, I know this isn’t a very pleasant story, but having been to Poland, and seen life there first hand, all I can do is feel this loss and take my hat off to Polish people.  Two generations ago their entire country was levelled, except notably in Krakow, where original buildings still stand.  The rest of the countryside is dotted with reconstructed old towns and socialist apartment buildings. An entire culture, almost wiped out.

When I was heading to Poland people raised their eyebrows and said why would you want to go there?  I wanted to see for myself what Poland is like, the question is why wouldn’t you want to go there?  What’s wrong with going there?  I can tell you that Polish people are fighters, they are in my top three of friendliest people I’ve ever encountered (Turkish and Chileans also rate a serious mention on the friendliness stakes).  They look to the West earnestly, they are tough and determined.  I met a farmer there that had left for Canada for 20 years, and had just returned, and was effectively starting again, building his house from three trees he had just cut down.  The spirit of Poland is strong, and it is working hard to move forward, to not lose its culture and spirit.  They had these things brutally stolen from them. I look at Poles in awe and admiration.  So yes, it was a sobering three weeks in Poland, but I came away from there realising how lucky I am to come from a peaceful country.

Which is your favourite country that you’ve ever visited?

Scroll down for some inspiration…I’ve listed the pictures in order from the most to least voted for at the exhibition…enjoy!!



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Katie Kolenberg - September 1, 2010 - 3:41 pm

Beautiful work Beth! It makes me miss travelling very, very much. I never got a chance to make it out to Majura, but I would have voted for the top three in exactly that order! Followed by Built to Last and Hope.

Beth Jennings - September 1, 2010 - 5:06 pm

hey thanks Katie…tell me about it, when I look at my own work I get pangs of nostalgia for the wandering lifestyle i’ve had in the past…where have you been? Favourite place? thanks for your vote! xx

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