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BJP [salt]





This week I find myself high in the hills three hours drive from Raleigh, North Carolina in a little town called Sparta.  To be exact, I find myself in the glorious countryside surrounding Sparta, with incredible views of green, green and more green.  My eyes are bugging out of my head looking at all the green. 

I wandered off (as I’m liable to do) to a neighbouring property which is in a serious state of neglect.  Rhys, the man that lived there until he died in his 80’s last year, inherited the property from his grandparents, who had built it themselves.  It’s a shame but his family are now trying hard to get as much money as possible for it and the land surrounding it.  Meanwhile the property is falling into a terrible state.  They stripped it bare, and left just a few things behind to gather dust.  I’ve been in a few abandoned buildings but I must say I was ready for Rhys to make an appearance and tell me to nick off!  I swear I heard footsteps outside when I was inside…nah it was probably just a deer.

This is real salt of the earth country, where people worked hard to build up their homes and land from nothing.  Primarily this area is in the production of cows (for beef and dairy), honey, christmas trees and pottery.  I love this field we passed, with the heavy cloud above and sole tree (the white tube is full of hay).


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