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BJP [Richter]

I landed in LA yesterday morning.  The first day or so away on a big journey is always a bit weird.  Something like your body is in the new place but your mind needs a chance to catch up.

As the plane was landing I quickly wrote this down:

16 May 2009
Just landed in LA.
Just crossed the international dateline.
Outside the temperature is 17 degrees.
The local time is 6.36am.
Welcome to Los Angeles airport.
Am I mad?  I just got home and now I’m off again.
I must be mad.
Once again welcome to Los Angeles.

My brain was swimming between thoughts of how mad it all is that you can sit on a plane for several hours then find yourself a world away, whilst listening to the captain give his proud ‘we have arrived’ speech.  It’s some kind of weird self-torture, these long haul flights, but then probably it’s a bit like having a baby, once you’re it’s done  you forget all about the pain.


First weird travel moment happened on Day 1: I was hanging out on Santa Monica Pier watching the crowds wander by and took myself to the end where I could hear someone singing.  The singing turned out to be coming from a dude overplaying various U2 songs with a pile of fake snow just nearby him.  Right behind him we were all getting quite a show from a rather passionate couple (yes those are bare legs) who were a stone’s throw from a wedding party with a blue bride.  The weird bit was that no-one seemed to notice all of that weirdness going on within 3 square meters!

Second weird travel moment…Day 2:  My first earthquake today.  I was sitting eating my oversized tostada minding my own business and suddenly the windows were wobbling Rolf Harris style and then I could feel the seat moving underneath me!  Apparently about a 4.5-5 on the Richter scale, 10 seconds long. Jeepers!

Never a dull moment here – I should come to LA more often.

The big apple tomorrow.


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