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BJP [sweet]



Right View


Left View



God I love this city.  London, sweet, crazy, frustrating london.  One minute you can be thinking I hate this city!  The next minute you can be thinking I love this city!  This was one of those sweet days.

I’d been in the Tate Modern looking at Futurism art along with the standard permanent collections, musing in the bookshop etc.  I went outside with my friend for lunch, and sat down at a nearby pub.  This is the wonderful nature of London – to be able to sit down and look one way to the famous Tate Modern chimney stack, and over across the Thames to St Paul’s. Without moving from my seat I took both of these pictures.

We went back in and the light was glorious inside in the main hall, couldn’t resist a pic or two.


ckalley - July 2, 2009 - 1:37 pm

i super love these 3 pics!!
-Hi from HK ((:

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