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Ballet and Dance Classes for Children

Helen Linkenbagh ran her own dance school in Australia for many years. The travel bug bit, she packed her bags and headed for the UK. A fateful encounter at Harrods, a wedding and a baby later, Helen is now happily ensconsed in London life. She teaches ballet in many contexts with students of all ages, and sometimes adults too. At her local church she runs ballet and dance classes for children up to the age of 5. Parents pay a fiver and their children get 45 action packed minutes of music, movement and an introduction to ballet. Helen needed some quality imagery for her advertising poster to better articulate what she’s all about. Over two back to back classes, the first with the 5 year olds, the second with the littlies, I captured all the essential elements of Helen’s guidance, professionalism and magic.  I tell you what, if I had a little one, I’d be sending him/her to ‘Miss Helen’ in a heartbeat.

The central wall in the room where the classes take place.
I thought it might compete with Helen for attention but in fact it came up really well.

Helen shows the 5 year olds how to prepare their ballet slippers.

She shows them how to stand, and for the girls, to hold out their skirts.

Oh Lordy how cute….

The simple and basic moves.
Helen loved the picture on the left for her poster.
It ticked all her boxes.

The children learn about posture and gesture with their arms and hands.

With a simple item like feathers, Helen introduces the children
to the ideas of interacting and expressing within a space.

Friendship and fun.

Helen has their undivided attention.

The class comes to an end, for today.

Onto the littlies, and they are accompanied by a parent.
Ballet and Dads are not the conventional mix, but so wonderful to see.
Helen runs the class in a way that the Dads can feel involved, and not silly.

I would die for this gorgeous red hair!

Everybody grows tall and reaches high to the sky.

Now Helen takes the trains across the length of the room.

Choo, choo….woaaahhh.
A classic education in listening to music, moving to it and timing to stop.

Everyone is gaining value here, Dads included.

Under the sea…

Mesmerizing bubbles to slow down and finish the class.

Beautiful, Miss Helen.

Helen Linkenbagh runs her wonderful classes from St Johns the Evangelist Church on High Street, Penge in the London Borough of Bromley every Saturday morning.


Jenni - January 15, 2013 - 5:14 am

Hi there

Can you please tell me if these classes are still on and if they are what time the class would be for me to take my 3 year old daughter along?

Many thanks

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