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UK and Europe 2011

Hiya! I’ve been kinda quiet this last couple of weeks.

Holidaying.  Appreciating the sun.  Time with family. A beautiful Christmas with my little honey bean Lauren (my niece) and my little honey man Angus (my nephew).  Sydney. More holidaying.  A bit of blogging and a lot of thinking time.

I’m 34. I think I’m supposed to be settling down with someone nice.  Settle down where? Don’t know. With whom? Nup, can’t help there either.  In the meantime, if you know me, you know I have an affliction.  An addiction. A full blown obsession that niggles like an itch I can’t quite reach.


Travel and me go together like…like…kids and lollypops…like ten beers and hangovers…like, well, you get the drift.  I can’t explain it.  It’s not a bug, it’s a need.  If I’m asked where do you live? I say, I’m based in Canberra, but I don’t have a home [insert funny looks here].  I love to move around and see new places.  It stimulates the senses and inspires creativity. I feel most at home when I’m engaged with the world, physically in it and moving through it.  Since 2003, I have never been in one place for more than about 12-18 months.

photography of viking ship in the baltic sea Germany


It all ties in rather nicely, don’t you think? My branding and personal philosophy…

So, here’s the plan:

Feb, Mar, April – Sydney/Canberra
May, June, July, August – London/Berlin
September – two weeks of Greek Island bliss (the first two weeks of September are the best time of year to go there)

Plans always change which is fine with me.  I have a ticket to go there.  Oh, and I better book the ticket to come back (haven’t got that yet).

So, if you know anyone that would love a 2011 BJP experience, (family, business or workshops) and the dates and places work, then feel free to hook us up as it’s already starting to happen. (I love the internet and awesome clients that share what I do).


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