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Skoda Velothon

Today was spent all day at the Skoda Velothon with some members of my group Photography in Berlin. Not usually my caper, walking around a big city watching a cycling race. But actually, this was cool. There was something like 7000 cyclists, amateur and professional, riding the same circuit, although at different times, around the greater area of Berlin.

Berlin is big on weekends, late nights etc so we struggled a bit to get going at 10am, but we had a great day out watching all the cyclists, seeing the stalls and a climb up to the top of Victory Column which was totally worth it.

A great day out!


Crepe stands abounded.
As if I was going to walk past and not order a Nutella crepe!

There she is, Victory Column.
Five big avenues meet here, and she’s the symbol of hope and triumph in Germany.

That’s Peter and Elmi.
You’ll see more of Elmi in a totally different way soon.

Shooting the cyclists in, and out of, the race was fun.

That’s Mustapha.

Elmi and Esra.


Me and Elmi.

Mustapha is going for the action shots.

What strikes you when you go up high above Berlin is the lack of highrise buildings.
And, the sprawl of green thanks to the Tiergarten.

The race below.

It’s me!

Bier vom fass : beer from the tap.
Nothing fancy but oh so good after a warm day walking around.

And a gorgeous late lunch.
Nurnburger sausages, sauerkraut and fried potatoes.
I think I just died and went to heaven.

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