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The plan today was to go to a place called the Kulturehaus and do some shooting. It used to be a railway repair yard, went into disuse in true East German style and now is an ecclectic place with all kinds of great things going on.  It didn’t happen today due to – wait for it – rain. It rains a lot here.

So instead ten or so of us went for a few beers at a local bar. I took this little photo while we were sitting there. A bit of a Stasi reference with the shelves and files. I was sitting next to a friend Helen, who also is Aussie that I met here last summer. We have parallel lives. We both keep coming back to this beguiling city and flirt with the idea of coming back every year. She follows my work and said she’s been watching my blog posts and facebook feeds for the whole year now. She said my work is just getting better and better and that the quality is there, every time she see something I do.  Well, I thought, that’s worth sharing.

Thank you Helen! It means a lot to hear that.


Jane - April 22, 2013 - 6:17 pm

Hi Beth,
just thought I’d tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your website….it’s a visual and storybook treat. I’m sure your book will be fantastic. However long it is since I sent the first email, I’ve been engrossed since then. I have to run off to a meeting now, but I’ll be back for another helping. Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories, stories and dreams. (and great marketing too)

Beth Jennings - April 23, 2013 - 12:57 pm

Hi Jane wow!! What a lovely thing to stop by and say, thank you so much!! It will be interesting to see how this book developes and I hope it will be useful. See you soon! B

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