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Professional Portraits

Today I held a Professional Portrait day and I had a couple of takers. I think it’s important to have a professional portrait for your website, online spaces like Facebook, and for media purposes like magazines and newspapers. You never know when you’ll need a good portrait and there’s nothing more frustrating than producing something embarrassing in a professional environment. So what makes it professional? How is it different to just a regular photo from a point and shoot camera? Let’s break it down.

1. For starters, the equipment alone – nothing compares with the quality a camera lens and body can output if it costs $6000 vs. $600.
2. Then there’s the photographer (oh yeah, that’s me), who sees good light, composition, elements.
3. There’s a skill in managing the subject – the camera looks quite scary and most people become self-conscious. A good photographer will know how to loosen the mood to get the right expression.
4. Don’t forget equipment and software for immediate assessment (computer, Adobe Lightroom).
5. Oh and professional advice on the final selection. The offer allowed for three portraits each, with the option to buy additional files if so desired.
6. Images straight from the camera are not finished so they need appropriate post production (vibrance, sharpness, vignetting) and the correct out-put of files for appropriate usage (print/web).

Six good reasons to spend an hour and pay a professional to walk away with something you can be proud of.

With this type of portrait session I include three images in the package which allows a little room to move with looking at the camera, or looking away, close up or a bit more environmental, more formal or less formal. So then you have a mini-collection that you can use for different purposes depending on the circumstance. In the case below both gentlemen opted for Berlin grungy which gave a bit of texture and context to the fact that they live and work here.

Thanks Carl and Alex! I hope you get lots of use from these – and Carl, I hope your mum loves the black and white!


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