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Your Professional Portrait – Start Up Berlin

With affordable living costs and being central in Europe, Berlin attracts many people trying something new, starting a new business or connecting with others on projects.  Today I met with Steve, Mandy and Helmut who are the brains and brawn behind Start Up Berlin. Start Up Berlin is the go-to place for advice on all matters relating to finance, language, legal – you name it, they can help you with your start up business.

They needed professional portraits for their website and other promotional material. The place to shoot was the Mauer Park (Wall Park) which used to be the death strip for the Berlin wall.  It’s evolved to become a well loved urban space with a true joie de vivre feeling in the air.

The group portrait.
They were sitting having a chat and the mood was spot on.
Well balanced, natural body language and the perfect backdrop.

Start Up Berlin Professional Portraits

Stephen Crouch – founder and business developer.

Start Up Berlin Stephen Crouch

Mandy Raasch – web design and online marketing.

Start Up Berlin Professional Portraiture

Helmut Landenberger – marketing.

Good luck guys! It was a pleasure to do this work for you. You all took direction really well to achieve some great professional portraits that will serve you well.


Mandy - July 4, 2012 - 4:07 pm

Thanks a lot Beth for this great pictures! We are all super happy about the results!
You’re right, the pictures show the “real me”, I love it!!
It was really great working with you (oh well, it didn’t feel like work actually)! :-)
See you soon!

Beth Jennings - July 5, 2012 - 5:42 pm

Awesome feedback – thanks Mandy – and I think you all did really well!

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