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Monday Musing – love quote

How beautifully put…Shakespeare did have a way with words, didn’t he?…

Today’s Monday Musing is inspired by Katti and Björn who live in Hannover in Germany. At the time this beautiful picture was taken they had just welcomed their second child Bent into the world. We spent a morning together with the baby and their toddler Jan, and then went for a walk to a local park that Katti frequents.

Katti and Björn are one of those couples that, when you’re around them, you just know they are perfect for each other. I feel there’s a magic in the air around couples that are right for each other.  I’ve never been very good at explaining it, but in my years of photographing weddings I came to know it when I felt it, rather than when I saw it.

Whilst it’s hard to put your finger on it, funnily, it is something that can be kept alive in photographs. Couples like this are in sync, totally in the zone with each other in a way that tells you this is their world, nothing else really matters. When this picture was taken Katti was really tired. Björn reached over to her and took her elbow to say something to her. She looked over to him and gave him that gentle smile. The breeze took her hair, the children were happily playing, and in that instant she was happy.

As soon as a moment happens it becomes a memory. Moments like this generally just stay in our memory bank of feelings. We don’t remember the specific moment, but we do remember the feelings.  It’s not often that such experiences are actually photographed…well, except when I’m around.


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