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MKA Berlin Staged Reading of Triangle

Last night MKA Berlin delivered their final performance in their series of staged play readings. This one was called Triangle and it was written by Glyn Roberts. I captured the rehearsal a couple of days ago. Last night I went early to capture them in the theatre space with costumes and lighting. When I arrived they were running through the piece and tweaking some finer points. All the images you see here in black and white are the final rehearsal images. Then from my seat I captured a few of the actual performance with the set in place and the true lighting. It was a dark piece and a dark performance, featuring just an accent of red. So I worked with the red and gave the back ground a greeny-pithy-mouldy look to match the tone of the play.

Patrick in the middle of explaining that he hasn’t slept for three days.

We were in Theatre Kapelle, a converted church.
It had a lovely intimacy to it, and a fantastic floor.

Chris on sound.

Ute on set design…wearing a mask…for some reason…

This was a very close and tender part and they were figuring out the movements.

The microphone was integral to the story, I loved the way Annie held it.

Great expression in the eyes from Anouschka.

It’s great to get a video recording of the production for future reference.

The audience has arrived (a full house) and Patrick says a few words before the reading begins.

The energy changes when it’s for real.

Well done ladies, you did a great job!

Time for some audience questions and acknowledgements to the whole team.

Thank you Patrick, Annie, Anouschka, Chris and Ute  for having me. I hope you find these images useful in the future when you give thought to running a longer season of this fantastic reading.



Elmi - June 30, 2012 - 10:05 am


Beth Jennings - July 1, 2012 - 2:47 pm

awwwww thank you Elmi!!!

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