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MKA Berlin Staged Reading Rehearsal

I popped into the rehearsal for MKA Berlin’s staged reading ‘Triangle’ by Glyn Roberts. It will be performed by Annie Last and Anouschka Pearlman and it’s directed by Patrick O’Beirne. A staged reading is where the piece is performed in the terms of the sense and mood, but is not finessed in the same way as a complete performance where the actors learn their lines. The lines are fuzzy between performance and rehearsal and so it makes for a nice shift in the usual theatrical experience for the audience. MKA is a theatre company in Melbourne and they have a crew over here in Berlin doing a play-reading festival.  This is the last in their summer lineup.

This is the entrance to the rehearsal theatre.


I’ll always take a picture of something pretty.

MKA Berlin 2012

I love the entrance to a theatre.
It gets dark all of a sudden and another world exists through the doorway.

Triangle by Glyn Roberts

I come in quietly and the actors continue on stage.

Triangle directed by Patrick O
MKA Berlin behind the scenes photography
rehearsal for Triangle

The rehearsal stops and starts a lot to finesse the details.

MKA Berlin 2012 performance reading

Can you tell I love the lights in theatres!

Annie Last of MKA Berlin

Uta Kala is on set design and Chris Lastelle is creating the sound.

Patrick O

They get to a challenging part in the script.

How many bums has this stool seen?

worn seat at Schokoladen

Patrick listens intently to every word in every line.

And they work hard to get it right.

Some groovy sounds are coming out of this corner.

keyboard and sound guy

And on they go...

Good luck everyone! I can see it’s shaping up to be a great performance, very convincing acting even just in rehearsal mode.

Triangle will be performed once on Wednesday 27 June at 8:00pm at Theater Kapelle, Boxhagener Str 99 in Friedrichshain. Good luck everyone!


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