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Britzer Garten

Last summer in Berlin I started a group on Meet Up called Photography in Berlin. We had a few members join, then a few more, and pretty soon we had a group up and running. Every couple of weeks we took groups out to places around Berlin and beyond. One year on the group now has 277 members. Today we met up at Britzer Garten in hopes of making a few photos about the tulips there. Alas the tulips were long gone for this year, but we still had a lovely couple of hours wandering around the grounds. Germans have a great affinity with the outdoors. Between that and their strong design aesthetic, well, you can’t go wrong.

It was great to breathe in the spring air and play in the late afternoon light.

I love skies, especially when the clouds rake the atmosphere.

Britzer Garten Berlin photograph

On cue.

Britzer Garten Berlin swan

Delicate and pretty, very girly really.

Britzer Garten lily pad

We all stopped for this flight of stairs.
There was something captivating about the way it meandered up the hill.

Britzer Garten stairs
Britzer Garten flower bed photograph
Britzer Garten trees
Britzer Garten maple



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