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Bonanza Coffee Berlin

This morning I was guided by my friend Anna that keeps a coffee blog to Bonanza Coffee at Oderburger Strasse 35 in Prenzlauer Berg. They grind all their special Bonanza coffee on site and they are true coffee purists. The perfect blend of coffee and milk, not too hot, not too cold, and magically finessed on top. No froth going on here guys, this is the real deal. We sat outside where there was lots of seating and watched the people go by. On a Sunday it’s the perfect accompanyment to a Mauer Park outing which is right around the corner. A lot of coffee places are positioned on the ground floor of apartment buildings. I tell you what, it must be bang on to have such a place literally at your doorstep.


bonanza coffee sign

cafe bonanza berlin
magazines hanging up inside bonanza coffee
bonanza coffee berlin
photograph of chairs at the window in bonanza coffee berlin
photograph of coffee at bonanza coffee berlin



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