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BJP [sheep]


I’m overseas for a while and whenever I can I grab a bike and get my heart rate up.  In this part of the world you can ride out of town and keep on riding, unlike at home where you’ll risk life and limb trying to share the highway with the trucks heading for Sydney.  Here in Germany there’s a strong cycling culture, so there are networks of bike paths everywhere.  Even to the point of riding past working industry and this canal that regularly services boats coming to Oldenburg.  The sheep serve a practical purpose, as they graze on the grass and that helps maintain the dyke.  Pretty funny being out amongst them, you might have to ding your bell a few times to prevent an accident. Sheep are a bit like kangaroos, they just really don’t reliably run away, they could just as easily bolt towards you.  Let alone that, make sure you can steer well as you’ll need to do that to avoid all of their droppings on the path!


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