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…Let me add line 45 to the list below…

Always, Always, Always pay attention to the specific name of the train station that you might need to get off at, because occasionally a train will make a couple of stops in the same city you arrive at, and your station might not be the first.

Let me elaborate –

Basel SBB is not the same as Basel BAD…

SBB is the Schweizerische Bundesbahnen which means ‘Swiss Federal Railways’
BAD is the shortened German abbreviation for ‘Basel Badischer Bahnhof’ which refers to the fact that the station is operated by Germany’s national ‘Die Bahn’ rail company and that the platforms and part of the station entrance are actually on German soil, even though technically the station is in Basel, in Switzerland….what the?

Basel BAD is a train stop for Basel that connects trains running in and out of Germany.  You will only see connections to and from German destinations there.
The other train station, Basel SBB, connects those same trains, plus others, to onward journeys…including Geneva…where I was heading.

I got off at the Swiss BAD, as it happened to come first. Ok so running with 27kgs on your back is not a good look.  Nor is barking ‘fier minuten’ and ‘danke schoen’ at a taxi driver, nor is scribbling a signature for a credit card charge of about AUD$30 for a 5 minute taxi ride to the Basel SBB station.  Nor is being late by about 2 minuten for the train I needed at the Swiss SBB station.  Nor is fumbling through my French (largely untouched for six months) to leave a phone message to my friends at the other end (in Geneva) that I will be late.

But, the upside was that I was only 30 minutes late in the end, not that I knew that when all the shenanigans started.  Gotta love the Swiss for their railways.


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