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Bikram Yoga Berlin

I do Bikram yoga.  I discovered it when I was working in London in 2007. It’s basically power yoga performed in a room heated to around 38 degrees. You are in there for 90 mins, and each of the 26 postures is performed twice in a row. Why in the hell would someone do that, you ask? I recommend you find the answer by giving half a dozen classes a go over a three week period. You do a breathing exercise to warm up, then a standing series, floor series, then a breathing exercise to warm down. I call it resetting the clock, I feel amazing after it, I sleep like a baby and my skin looks better. Generally I do it twice a week.  My thinking is clearer, it helps my creativity, I’m far less reactive, I’m much more flexible and my muscles have much better definition…it goes on…most people think I’m mad for doing it, but the people that I do it with say everyone else is mad NOT to do it. None of us died, had heart attacks or suffered strokes from the heat. In fact the heat along with controlled breathing opens up all the joints and the medical benefits are far better than regular exercise. I took this photo after I left the room and everyone had gone. It’s so calm and I love the floor and the late afternoon sun that rakes across the room. After 90 minutes of sweaty, hard work, it’s my favourite sound, when they open those windows.


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