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Berlin Portrait – Kerstin

Berlin has been unbelievably good to me.  In my Berlin Portrait series I captured fleeting moments in time in the loungerooms, bedrooms and kitchens of six amazing ladies. They willingly gave me their time and space to make a record of who they are at this moment in their lives. Kerstin is my final Berlin Portrait.  I will leave the rest for Kerstin to say. Thank you, Kerstin.



‘What is Berlin for me? Berlin is the place where my Grandfather’s family is from.  It’s the place where I spent happy Easters in my Grandfather’s beautifully landscaped garden, searching for the colourful Easter eggs. It’s the place where our family once called home, before it was torn down to make space for ‘no-man’s land’ (the area between the two walls of the Berlin Wall and home of the famous wall bunnies). It’s the place that would inspire my creativity and the place where my Malian boyfriend and I decided to move to start a family.  After eight years of London, we left the city we called home, in search of a new life together. Although I found a job with a TV channel quite quickly, we struggled to settle in and our relationship started to fall to pieces. Nevertheless I became pregnant with the baby we always wanted and I am now in my fifth month … but will there be a happy end?’

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