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Aicuisine and Kitchensurfing

Kitchensurfing is the brainchild of a handfull of overachievers in the US and has come to Berlin. It’s a concept focused on bringing chefs and their culinary skills directly to the people.  So if you have a private function, like a dinner party, and you want it to be beautiufully cooked for by a chef, then you might book the chef through Kitchensurfing. The way to suss out the chefs is to go to a lunch. Here in Berlin they are run weekly and today’s was hosted by Ailine Liefeld, food photographer and blogger extraordinaire. Ailine prepared all the ingredients for making roll-ups. All kinds of yummy vegetables, herbs, noodles and prawns rolled up in paper thin rice wraps, dipped in sauce then straight in…yum!

The room is buzzing with anticipation.

kitchensurfing Berlin

We are in Berlin, remember?
Anything goes, including crates installed up a wall and onto the ceiling.

berlin kitchensurfing

A few quick words at the start to set the tone and explain how the lunch will work.

The food is looking beautiful and fresh.

aicuisine photographer
aicuisine photography

Hands are put to work.

thai spring roll wrap

lettuce and spring roll

This sauce looked so gorgeous I just had to take a photo.

Happy campers all round.

The engine room.
The chefs work all their magic in here.

Ailine was busy on food preparations and hosting.
She found a little time to make her own pictures too.

The wrap is placed gently in a dish of water for a few seconds, to soften it up.
Then it’s laid on the round wooden board.
After that you start laying down your goodies.

Dip that puppy in some sauce and it’s yours for the taking.

The empty plates speak for themselves.
By the looks it was a very successful Kitchensurfing event.

food photography

A brilliant venture, and sure to take off.  I hope it goes to Melbourne, I reckon it would do really well there. If you’re in Berlin and you want to get involved, I found them through this link.


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