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How to do street photography if you’re shy like me – Paris

Street Photography is a genre largely defined by big guns like Henri Cartier-Bresson (who coined the term ‘The Decisive Moment). If you want to explore more about Street Photography which is often presented as photo essays that sometimes bleed into photojournalism, visit Magnum Photos. Look up our very own Aussie Trent Parke – I absolutely love his work and he’s the youngest person ever accepted to Magnum.

Street Photography is all about capturing the urban world we live in, where humans and their physical spaces interconnect. If you’re anything like me then when you’re out and about sometimes you want to take photos, but you’re not sure what of, or if it involves people, maybe you feel a bit shy.   We live in a suspicious age now. If people see ‘a fancy camera’ then they can automatically jump to conclusions. So I’ve put together a video here showcasing some images I took during a visit in Paris explaining how you can approach Street Photography with confidence and ideas on how to get around the people issue.

[youtube_sc url=”” title=”How%20to%20do%20street%20photography%20if%20you%27re%20shy” width=”520″ autohide=”0″]

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I absolutely love getting out in a new place and doing what I call a ‘photo wander’. In fact it was the catalyst for getting Photography in Berlin and The Melbourne Walk & Shoot Group off the ground.  If you live in those cities, then come join us sometime.



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