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I had the good fortune and great pleasure of spending a month with David and Natasha in their rambling family home not far from Avignon, France.  In fact, I was there exactly two years ago, this month (my time flies).  They had 100 olive trees on this property, and not long before I was due to leave we thought we’d take some pictures.  They’ve travelled I think maybe even more than me, they’ve been everywhere, they even passed a year in Australia in true backpacker style, complete with a beat up second hand car. When I met them they (and Lumi the dog) were dividing their time between the US and France, now they are more permanently based in the US running their business from Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Need a map of old world Europe?  Look no further than David Busby folks, I have never seen anyone scour French flea markets quite like this chap.  And believe you me it’s a serious business over there.

The reason for posting them now?  They just got married! Aw that’s so sweet guys, congratulations.


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