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BJP [ovo]






After a day checking out the Toronto islands with friends we were heading back to the city and stumbled into the starting point of a street parade put on by Cirque du Soleil.  At first we didn’t realise who it was, in the meantime the music and quality of performance begged the question, who are they?!  So they turned out to be doing a promotional street performance, a group of lost travellers from a far away land stuck in a big city, lost, not knowing what to do with their maps.  It was so electric, the crowds followed along side them, the music was amazing and the best part was it was just so unexpected.

So then fast forward a week or two and I was out and about here in Montreal and I noticed circus tents down by the river.  I spotted the Cirque du Soleil logo and realised my luck.  The current show called Ovo is in town.  I have never seen them but always wanted to.  I looked it up that night…cripes…yegads…errr…not cheap.  But, as they say, you only go once (well, maybe twice) in your life and do it right the time that you do go.  So I decided to splash, get the best ticket left online (five rows from the front) and boy was I not disappointed.

Within about 10 minutes I’d felt I’d had more than my money’s worth.  I was so stunned by the skill, stage presence, passion and magic that many times I forgot to clap!  I mean it was just exquisite, jaw-dropping, gasping stuff.  I swear people shouldn’t be able to bend, balance and bounce like that.  There’s a little thing called gravity that they’ve somehow managed to illude.

Just *fabulous*, soul enriching, magical and even romantic.  Made me cry (I’m a bit of a sap these days) – the things humans can do – just simply stunning.  Awww, bewdiful.


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