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BJP [strawberries]


So herein the confusion around French speaking Canada begins.  On the one had a couple of hundred years ago the French surrendered to the British, so for all intents and purposes this part of the world was officially dumped.  Despite the rejection the locals here hold strong to their French heritage, to the point that speaking French is now the defining factor for the region – speak French and you are a proud member of the Quebecois minority.  Technically, however, we’re in Ontario here, but just over the water northbound you’re in Quebec.  So between that and the fact that this is the capital of Canada, we are officially in bi-lingual territory. So for example street signs will show ‘Rue Laurier St’ which works rather nicely don’t you think?

8 million people speak French as their first language in Canada, and walking down some streets in Ottawa you’d swear you were in France.  The only giveaway is that you might hear English and French in the same sentence in places like this famous downtown Ottawa market.

How about those strawberries.  Canadians seriously bust out of their skin this time of year after a long winter hibernation so flowers, fruit, herbs etc are in plentiful supply left, right and centre.


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