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BJP [nerds]

I’ve been a bit quiet on the photos and on the blog, thanks to a divine three weeks in France.  I was however, in a position to take a couple of weekend trips away.

Bern, Switzerland

I visited a friend of mine, Daniel Zihlmann a photographer, who lives in Bern (the capital of Switzerland did you know), I firmly resisted trying the local favourite, Rosti (with two dots on the ‘o’ but my keyboard can’t do that), basically pan fried potatoes with a few goodies mixed in…err…not so great for the hips, we took photos, talked shop, took a bit of a day trip to the Alps, as you do.  I’ve been shooting with my Canon but also the camera in my phone.  Does sound a bit mad but I like the ethereal quality that the poor quality lens produces.  It’s also handy for my panoramics. 

bern street

Classic Bern streetscape – I love the distinct architecture.


A public toilet in action in one of the main streets of Bern.
There is much local discussion about whether or not to remove it.  It’s traditional, but not exactly a modern facility!



My god this is where you live Daniel?  (Well, an hour by car to be precise)
Thanks for your hospitality.



Photographers are nerds too.

Turin, Italy

On another weekend I went to Turin in Italy with a French friend.  We passed through the underground tunnel through the Mont Blanc, on one side you’re in calm and ordered France, on the other, chaotic and vibrant Italy.  Bizarre, you can cross a border like that and be in a brand new country.  We moved into slow-mo there, it was bloody hot, the heat just slows you down.  So most of the afternoon was spent sitting in a park taking a siesta.  I had my feet in a pond writing some travel notes while my friend Mickael snoozed, we didn’t trek around taking photos, as I might normally do.  Yes, we did have trouble finding the hotel even though we had a GPS, it took four locals before we found someone that knew where the hotel was! My poor friend copped a few honks here and there, Italians are certifiably insane on the roads: they run red lights, overtake on corners, yes there are lanes marked but no they don’t stay within them. 


Spooky apparitions or is it just the lights?…10 years ago this tunnel had a fire and people died, now it’s very ordered, the cars are spaced out and the whole tunnel is monitored.
Even so I was still happy to be on the other side.

roadside castle

Roadside castle – check the freeway next to it.


front door

I love the light in Italy.



But my god, ten choices for coffee in a random cafe, now this is my kind of country.
Thank you Mr Lavazza, I’m more than happy to plug your coffee.

lights over turin

Standard tourist frame.  But it’s so purrty.


It’s not cool when buskers throw water on you because you’re busy photographing one of their on-lookers.
No, really.

See you in Berlin.


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