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BJP [iceburg]

I’ve been in Berlin now for almost a week, and for the most part busy photographing some lovely families that live here (more on that later), catching up on work, getting the cricks out with some fabulous Bikram Yoga sessions, and preparing for the travel that awaits me in Turkey and Greece.

That said, while I’ve been moving from A to B I do take the time to whip out my phone for the quick grabs.  Why would I take pictures on that little thing when I’ve got a fancy-expensive-looking camera I could use?  Well, I guess the answer is to say I prefer to get the image than always worry about the quality.  Besides, I find that the compositions are more spontaneous, and I like the distortions and light fall-off at the edges.

berlin 1

Rosa-Luxemburg Platz station.

berlin 2

berlin 3

Both images above taken at Westhafen station.

berlin 4


This last image was taken as I was heading out for a family photo session, they took me around the corner from their place and showed it to me.  You would never see such a thing just walking by, and you realise how much history is here, just by looking down on the footpath.

These two markers are a memorial to two sisters, Paula and Margarethe Engel, both deported to Riga in 1942, that lived in the building alongside it.  And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  It’s a complex country, and city, that’s for sure.  It’s now a dynamic and vibrant place but there are constant reminders of a sobering past.

This is my third visit in Berlin over the last couple of years, I do have more images on my website if you want to check it out.  Of course, I plan to get out and about and update the library!


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