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BJP [cosmic]


I’m a bit randomly placed at the moment here in Oldenburg, in the north of Germany, up by Bremen and Hamburg.  Lovely town, a tad different from London shall we say.  That is to say, I now have a different set of challenges.  Last week the my primary challenge was to make a journey to do something in less than an hour involving bus, train and tube connections, here the transport challenge amounts to not pissing off germans whilst riding a bike on the wrong footpath and appearing remotely like I have it together when asking ‘ein Bier bitte’.


I’m busy catching up on work I’ve shot over the last couple of months and loving the visit with my friend that lives here.  Last night we thought we’d take a sticky beak at the annual summer festival held here.  The program said something about Japanese drumming.  Sounded all right.  Innocently enough we turned up expecting to see a couple of Japanese people sitting tapping away at a few drums.  Whoooahhh, we were blown away!  We saw Gocoo, they come from Japan, it’s a group of men and women that combine traditional sounds with a modern spin.  Words to describe their music include ‘cosmic’, ‘primal’ and ‘mesmerizing’.  The clip is a promotional piece, so a bit cheesy, and the sense of the music is lost in this format.  But anyway, it gives you an idea of how it looked.  I just loved the main chick with the long hair, you just couldn’t look away from her.  I would have loved to have jumped up there and photographed her, just so electrifying!

I hope I get to catch them again in the future.


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