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Yarrh Wines Re-branding

Recently I was in Murrumbateman near Canberra to shoot the brand story of Yarrh Wines (pronounced ‘yar’).  After considerable planning (several months) the day finally arrived. Fiona Wholohan and Neil McGregor have done an outstanding job, alongside Julia Brown, their brand manager and George Macintosh, their designer. It’s about as far from wine-making as you can get – but their business has matured and it was time in 2012 to re-brand. Next weekend they will be launching officially at the Wine, Roses and all that Jazz Festival…so for now a little sneak peak for you:

The bottle with the new label design is safe and unseen until next weekend.
For now we only get to see the old bottle.

Good luck Neil and Fiona!  The new branding fits so well in your space and landscape, Julia and George have done an amazing job bringing your vision to life in the marketing.  It was a pleasure to be part of this significant change in your business.


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